[CT Birds] Wooster Park, Stratford

Brian Webster b.webster at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 14 13:04:48 EST 2009

12/14, Wooster Pond, Stratford (12:30p)-
(1) female Northern Shoveler
(20+) Green-winged teal
(1) male Hooded Merganser
(3-4) Gadwall
(40+) Canada Geese (including my 'white-neck)
(3) Wood Ducks
(1) male Black duck X Mallard hybrid

Tons of Mallards and Black ducks.  There was also one leucistic female mallard who had a white back, and was a very light tan where the normal dark brown would be.
Several Ring-billed gulls as well.
-Brian Webster- (w/John Marshall for a few minutes)
Stratford, CT
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