[CT Birds] Orange house finch

katz1449 at aol.com katz1449 at aol.com
Mon Dec 14 14:47:27 EST 2009

12/14/09  Orange house finch in Orange back  yard
Among the increasing flock ( now up to 22)  of house  finches in my yard, 
Orange colored house finch has shown up for the third year (I  don't know 
if it is the same one from previous years).  It has the orange  coloration on 
crown, supraloral, throat and upper breast areas.
the usual suspects at my feeders include 2 downies, 1 red  bellied, 1 hairy 
woodpeckers and 1 Northern Flicker;  2 Carolina wrens, 2  white breasted 
nuthatches, 2 titmice, 4 chickadees,   about 12 house sparrows, 2 Cardinals, 8 
mourning doves, 1  song sparrow, 3 white throated sparrows 4 blue jays,  
and 5 dark eyed  juncos;  a mixed flock of about 50 Common grackles, with  10 
red  winged blackbirds and 8 starlings descended on my yard earlier this 
week with  several robins .
Beverly Propen, Orange

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