[CT Birds] Hammo Orioles, Coventry ducks 12-14-09

Mntncougar at aol.com Mntncougar at aol.com
Mon Dec 14 18:19:08 EST 2009

Today there were at least 5 Baltimore Orioles in the campground  at 
Hammonasset.  First I spotted 3  in the brush along the mowed edge,  sitting no 
more than 3 feet apart from each other in one bush.  All 3 were  quite pale, I 
assume 1st year or possibly female birds.  Then I spotted 2  together 
feeding on berries in a nearby cedar, both much brighter than the first  3, so 
there was no question that they were not the same birds.  i found  them just 
past the bridge, walking from the parking area.  I took the 1st  left past the 
bridge towards the east (parallel to the entrance road) and found  the 
birds in the brush and cedars just short of the first  intersection.  They were 
on my left, towards the entrance road.   Same general area the 
Orange-crowned Warblers were in 2 years  ago.
In Coventry Lake today I had Common Mergansers, (over 30, many  more than I 
saw the other day, Ring-necked Ducks (only a few left, maybe  8),  a lot of 
Mallards, probably more than 60. and 15 Ruddy Ducks, new for  this season.  
I'm not sure I have ever seen Ruddy Ducks on Coventry Lake  before. 
Don Morgan

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