[CT Birds] On This Day (12/14) and (12/15)

Dennis Varza dennisvz at optonline.net
Tue Dec 15 07:03:43 EST 2009

OK,  OK,  OK

I admit it. I am human.

That which I reported yesterday was really 15 December

So, here is the list that should have gone out yesterday  and the  
list that should go out today. There are minor changes to the 12/15  


1877	Northern Parula	Deep River
1882	300 Common Redpoll	Eastford
1894	Thick-billed Murre	Portland
1901	Thick-billed Murre	Portland
1916	King Eider	Fairfield, Penfield Reef
1930	Bohemian Waxwing	Hartford
1946	200 Bonaparte's Gull	Bridgeport
1982	Tudndra Swan	East Haven, Lake Saltanstall
1985	Greater White-fronted Goose Orange
1985	King Eider	Westport, Sherwood Is. St. Pk.
1990	800	Common Merganser	Litchfiled, Bantam Lake
1991	Black-throated Green Warbler	Storrs
1991	Sandhill Crane	Lyme
1997	Black-headed Gull	Stamford
2000	Western Tanager	Woodburry Residence
2003	Blue-winged Teal	Fairfield, Pine Creek

1892	King Rail	Milford, Nell's Island
1892	Western Tanager	New Haven
1894	Thick-billed Murre	Stamford
1916	Say's Phoebe	New Milford, Gaylordsville
1946	Boreal Owl	West Hartford
1949	120 Common Goldeneye	West Haven
1973	Western Grebe	East Haven
1975	Tundra Swan	Old Lyme
1981	Barrow's Goldeneye	Waterford, Harkness Mem. St. Pk.
1983	King Rail	Greenwich
1984	Band-tailed Pigeon	Portland
1990	116 Canvasback	Mansfield, Storrs
1990	10000 Greater Scaup 	West Haven
1990	65 Turkey Vulture	New Milford
1991	Clay-colored Sparrow	Naugatuck, Naugatudk St. For.
1991	Golden-crowned Sparrow	Naugatuck
1996	Little Blue heron	New Haven
1998	Tundra Swan	Essex, South Cove
1998	Rose-breasted Grosbeak	Canton, Residence
1998	Purple Gallinule	Stamford
2007	Parasitic Jaeger, Branford, New Haven CBC

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