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Roy Harvey rmharvey at snet.net
Tue Dec 15 14:21:59 EST 2009

Some of you may remember this from messages on CTBirds last winter, or from an item in The Connecticut Warbler that summarized some of those reports.

Massachusetts biologists have a project of wing-tagging gulls (mostly Ring-billed) in the fall and winter.  The tags are bright plastic with a number.  Carl Ekroth posted a sighting of one of their tagged gulls on December 10 in Ellington, CT.  I passed the report on to the biologists, and have copied one of their replies below.

As the program continues this winter we should all keep our eyes out for these gulls, and record the tag color, tag number, location, date and time.  You can report them directly to the researchers, but if post them to CTBirds I will pass them along.

I found a photograph of a tagged gull on the Connecticut Audubon web site.



Roy Harvey
Beacon Falls, CT


Thanks for forwarding this on to us.  Yes, the program is in its third year of the study.  We are continuing to take sightings.

Please make sure that the person that saw this gull gets the information.

Here is some specific information on A191:

Captured 12/7/09 at Riverdale Center, West Springfield, MA
Map of capture sight: 42.074816, - 72.372512
Captured using a rocket net baited with French fries, bread and crackers
Adult female ring-billed gull
Florescent yellow wing-tags: A191
federal band: 0994-03551
released on site

This is the first sighting of this gull, thanks.

Thanks again for the sighting, and please let me know if you see it (or others) again.

Ken MacKenzie
Senior Wildlife Biologist
Department of Conservation & Recreation
Division of Water Supply Protection
180 Beaman Street
West Boylston, MA 01583
508-792-7423   x313
DCR- It's Your Nature

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