[CT Birds] Fw: CIA funding

Kathy Van Der Aue kvda at optonline.net
Tue Dec 15 16:35:40 EST 2009

I received this response to the e-mail I sent to my Representatives, per Pat 
Comins request.  Maybe these funds will survive after all.

Kathy Van Der Aue, Southport, CT
kvda at optonline.net

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Subject: RE: CIA funding


Thanks for your e-mail earlier this month regarding proposed cuts. At
this time it does not look like these programs will face further cuts,
as you know the budget climate continues to be severe and it is possible
this issue will resurface.  Please stay and touch and let me know if I
can help you in your advocacy in any other way.

Thanks again,

Kim Fawcett

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> From: Kathy Van Der Aue [mailto:kathyvda at gmail.com]
> Sent: Wednesday, December 09, 2009 9:06 AM
> To: Rep. Fawcett, Kim; Sen. McKinney, John
> Subject: CIA funding
> Please preserve the Community Investment fund.  These fees
> have been paid by us into the fund speciafally for Community
> projects such as housing, open space and preserving farmland
> and historic neighborhoods.  Diverting these funds to the
> general fund to help the deficit would be a breach of the
> Public Trust.
> Kathy Van Der Aue, Southport, CT
> kvda at optonline.net

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