[CT Birds] In response to Duck trap question

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Thu Dec 17 09:20:55 EST 2009

In response to a few inquiries about the duck trap, this  is what I 
in the Wheeler Salt marsh is a  type of floating cage  filled with cracked 
corn, overseen by the DEP.  They are trapping American  Black ducks for a 
survey to monitor their population (which is dropping).   So the Black ducks 
go into the trap to get the cracked corn, and remain there  til the next day 
when interns return to the trap and remove the ducks.  The  interns then 
band them, draw blood and record the data about the individual  ducks.  
Occasionally ducks die in the trap and I don't know why.   Apparently there 
are other duck traps around the state.  it's just that  from the windows of 
the Audubon building I can see this trap, so I report the  findings about 
the marsh. From what I understand , an  accidental fatality of a duck is 
accepted for the common good  of the species (not a quote).  
Beverly Propen, Orange

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