[CT Birds] The Solstice Bird Count

Dennis Varza dennisvz at optonline.net
Thu Dec 17 16:12:39 EST 2009

Hi Folks

I decided to let you in on a new little project of mine incase anyone  
wants to participate.

It is the Solstice Bird Count.

The idea came to me during the Summer when I was going through the  
old CBC's in Bird Lore. Back then, a CBC was done by an individuals  
or a party of people, no circles. They went out for the day, mostly  
hiking. It seemed like a pleasant thing to do, no territories no  
obligations just out birding for pleasure, and by walking it is a  
"Green Activity".  In the past there was an attempt to revive this  
style and they called them Antique Christmas Bird Counts. In looking  
for a day to do it, Monday became available (the Winter Solstice).  
Also, the idea if using the Winter Solstice instead of Christmas  
appealed to me.

Here are my rules
The count must be within 2 days of the Winter Solstice (5 day window)
The count must last a minimum of 6 hours.
The count must be done by walking. One may drive to the area, but the  
count must be by foot.
In addition to a list of species and numbers, keep track of starting  
and ending locations and time, and distance traveled (GPS would be  
helpful). A description of the route and habitats covered would be  
nice as well.

You can send your results to me and or post them here.

I picked a route along the Fairfield Shore.

Dennis Varza

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