[CT Birds] New Haven CBC Area N (New Haven City Limits) Highlights

Larry Bausher lpbausher at comcast.net
Sun Dec 20 10:09:38 EST 2009

Total of 39 species, an all time low over the last 8 years.  These  
were the best of the lot:

1 Great Egret, flying from Evergreen Cemetery pond to the West River,  
seen from Ella Grasso Blvd north of intersection of the boulevard  
with Rt 1.

73 Rusty Blackbirds, in Edgewood Park in the dog run near Coogan  
Pavilion (same location where the Red-headed Woodpecker spent 4  
months 3 years ago).  This area is near the Whalley Ave end of the park.

3 Eastern Towhees, 1 male in Edgewood Park, seen from road along  
river near Edgewood Ave overpass, 2 (male-female pair) seen along  
Marginal Drive about 400 yards south of Derby Ave.

2 Gray Catbirds, in Edgewood Park in the area of the soccer field  
south of Edgewood Ave.

3 American Coots, in Beaver Pond Park, on large pond by Southern Ct  
St College.  This pond also had Hooded and Common Mergansers, Wood  
ducks, Black Ducks, and the 3 usual gull species in addition to the  
Mallards and Canada Geese.  Best views of pond are near the  
intersection of Fournier and Crescent Sts. or from the Jackie  
Robinson School grounds at the north end of Fournier St.  Pied-billed  
Grebe and Northern Shoveler have also been seen here in the past, but  
not this year.

Anyone who is considering birding the area of the West River bounded  
by Derby Ave, Rt 1, Marginal Dr and Ella Grasso Blvd should be aware  
that there is a community of homeless folks who have established  
shelters throughout the area.  Group birding might be advised.

Larry Bausher (with Bill Batsford and George Zepko)
West Haven

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