[CT Birds] Snowy Stratford/Shelton birding-

Brian Webster b.webster at hotmail.com
Sun Dec 20 10:48:57 EST 2009

12/20...  I did some local birding because I enjoy being out in the snow....  boy did they over-do that forcast. I expected like 15" when I woke up....  only had 10.
12/20, Farm Pond (Maple St., Shelton)-
(2) female Pintail
(1) female Wood Duck
(1) Greater-white Fronted goose**
There are domestics (not too mnay), and this bird was sleeping.  But all the field marks I could see were good for GWFG.  However, the possibility of it being a domestic are high.  Maybe worth a peak.
12/20, Trap Falls Reservoir, Shelton-
(4) Lesser Scaup
(1) Pied-billed Grebe
(1) possible RED-NECKED GREBE
PLEASE, someone with a scope go see!!  It was FAR in the back on the North side of the reservoir, just before the flock of Canadas perched on an ice island.
12/20, Stratford Yard-
(1) Eastern Towhee (coming to feeders, fun photos!)
(8) American Treen Sparrows
(17) Goldfinches
(1) Purple Finch (female... I think a new yard bird)
(12+) Juncos
(1) Northern Flicker at suet.... first since early fall
No sign of the resident adult Cooper's hawk... yet...  though he has been present 5 days in a row, taking a meal 3 times.
-Brian Webster-
Stratford, CT
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