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Question on Vultures here in CT.

Roy points out below having 19 Black Vultures on the Woodbury CBC, but no Turkey Vultures.
In years past, the Turkey Vulture was very rare in CT during the winter months. Now they seem to be over wintering in numbers here in CT but only near the shore.(is this correct?)
 In recent years, the Black Vulture has moved into CT and can now be found in most of CTs counties. It is apparent lately, Black Vultures seem to be over wintering more inland, and the T's seem to keep more towards the shore.
 For some years now, Black Vs have over wintered up here in NW CT, with good counts seen from the upper Housatonic river valley well into Mass, with not many if any Turkey Vultures seen at all.

Last week we counted over 15 Black Vs off rt 7 and rt 44 in Canaan with many more north of the CT line into Mass, with not one TV seen.

Might we assume now that TVs winter over most often near the shore with the BVs in better numbers inland?

Paul Carrier - Harwinton    

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Passing this along from Ed Hagen.

Highlights of Woodbury-Roxbury CBC Saturday Dec 19, 14 of 15 areas reporting - Ed Hagen compiler:

Long-eared owl 2, Bald eagle 5, Black vulture 19 (no turkey vultures!), Northern harrier 1, over 11,000 American robins, Cackling goose 1, Lesser black-backed gull 1, and Lesser scaup 3. Total species 84.

Roy Harvey
Beacon Falls, CT

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