[CT Birds] Migration push

Mntncougar at aol.com Mntncougar at aol.com
Wed Dec 23 15:44:40 EST 2009

Seems large flocks of birds are on the move now.   At  Coventry lake I 
counted 93 Common Mergansers, and I'm sure that is a very low  count.  Yesterday 
I could only find 11.  I think the large flock may  have departed already, 
however.  I also spotted a flock of about 30 Cedar  Waxwings in the brush 
along the shore.  A few days ago the lake was about  50% iced over, but today 
the wind had pushed the ice to the south end, and no  more than 30% was 
On the Ellington-Rockville line near Rt 83 I saw the largest  flying flock 
of Canada Geese I have ever seen.   I estimated at  least 800 birds and 
again, that is probably low.  I was looking out over  some large corn fields and 
could never see the whole group at 1 time.   Echelon after echelon of them 
came by, sometimes 2 and three groups wide,  and  groups at several 
different altitudes at the same time.  The only  time I have ever seen that many 
birds at once is in videos of the mid-Atlantic  and mid-western flyways.
For those in the area near Rt 83 in  Ellington, the Agway is a great place 
to buy winter feed supplies.  Only  place I have been able to buy 
gray-stripe sunflower in several years, as well as  50 Lb bags of peanuts at a very 
reasonable price.  Right now they have a  sale on some of the seed, and every 
Tuesday they have a 10% discount for those  over 62, not that I know anyone 
like that.  (No, I am not affiliated in any  way).
Don Morgan

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