[CT Birds] Bloomfield Sparrow

paul cianfaglione pcianfaglione at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 28 08:54:04 EST 2009


Jamie and others, 

I was just curious about the size of the possible Ipswich Savannah Sparrow. I'm sure this was discussed when the photo was sent out to more experienced birders. My own experience with the subspecies along the CT coast is that it is noticeably larger than the "typical" savannah and little more rotund looking. If a comparison was able to made with the other savannahs along with Julians posting of the finer identification points, the it looks like Jamie has a slam-dunk Ipswich! Sibley mentions a 10% larger bird than what is "typical", which is significant in sparrow terms. 


My own experience with other Savannah Sparrows over the last two years has seen birds range from ultra pale to incredibly dark and everywhere in between. There was even a savannah with an enormous bill (which wasted my morning trying to turn it into something else!). Next to Herring Gulls, the Savannah Sparrow must be one of the most variable species around. 


Paul Cianfaglione



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