[CT Birds] BLACK-HEADED GULL - Holly Pond, Stamford

Maryann OLeary maryann_oleary at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 31 12:21:07 EST 2009

At 9 AM, Bill Van Loan had a BLACK-HEADED GULL on Holly Pond.  It was easily visible from the Weed Avenue pulloff on the Stamford side of the pond.  It was not relocated between 9:45 and 11:45 AM.  If you are in the area, please check for this gull.

At 11:25, Bill and I had a SNOW GOOSE in Cove Island Park.

From Bill Van Loan:
12/31/09 - Stamford, Holly Pond - BLACK-HEADED GULL - Seen at 9 AM from Weed Avenue pulloff on Stamford side of the pond

From Maryann O'Leary, Bill Van Loan:
12/31/09 - Stamford, Cove Island Park - SNOW GOOSE


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