[CT Birds] Stratford yard x3

Brian Webster b.webster at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 31 15:40:34 EST 2009

12/31, Stratford yard-
As soon as a little snow built up, my previous post's numbers tripled (with the exception of the large Canada goose fly-over flock).  
A second male Towhee joined the first, and a female made it's way all the way to my back porch for a total of 3 Towhees today.  (So yes Lynn and Chris.... certainly different individuals that day.)  I swear I heard a Winter Wren call, but with all the sparrows I couldn't tell.
An adult Sharp-shinned hawk has also been haunting/hunting the area today, and for a little over a week.
All in all, 22 species in the wet snow.




Brian Webster

Stratford, CT

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