[CT Birds] Stratford 65 species

Scott Kruitbosch kbosch at gmail.com
Fri Jan 1 18:18:24 EST 2010

I leisurely birded Stratford from about 10-3 today. I came up with 65
species, and in Stratford-Milford CBC fashion, there were not many bad
misses or rare birds. The biggest "surprise" was 1 RUBY-CROWNED KINGLET in a
mixed flock around Long Beach Blvd. pond. Stratford Point had 1 EASTERN
MEADOWLARK and 3 SURF SCOTER along with what Bill Banks and I thought were
about 750 scoter well offshore in the fog. I went back later and got a close
WHITE-WINGED SCOTER. Plenty of birds in the water there.

There were 1 female NORTHERN PINTAIL and 1 GREEN-WINGED TEAL at Raven Park
Pond, plus a dozen more GWTE at Wooster Park Pond. 2 NORTHERN HARRIER hunted
over the marsh in the Housatonic River, and I found 1 DOUBLE-CRESTED
CORMORANT among the Greats there too. The very flooded boat ramp had 7
BOAT-TAILED GRACKLE were in the tree line on the far west side of the
airport. I had 2 RED-WINGED BLACKBIRD at the feeders, and 1 SHARP-SHINNED
HAWK unsuccessfully attacked.

Misses included any falcon, any owl, any grebe, Common Loon, Horned Lark,
Snow Bunting, American Pipit, Cedar Waxwing, Field Sparrow, and Common
Grackle. Shorebirds and gulls continue to be scarce on the whole. I could
list many of them as misses, but it has been very quiet for both groups in
Stratford so far this winter.

 From Scott Kruitbosch:
01/01/10 - Stratford, Raven Park Pond - 1 female NORTHERN PINTAIL.
Stratford, Great Meadows IBA -- 8 BOAT-TAILED GRACKLE.
Stratford, Stratford Point -- 1 EASTERN MEADOWLARK, 3 SURF SCOTER, 1
WHITE-WINGED SCOTER, likely ~750 scoter sp. far offshore.

Scott Kruitbosch
Connecticut Audubon Society
Stratford, CT
kbosch at gmail.com

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