[CT Birds] Milford birding

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Sat Jan 2 12:18:45 EST 2010

1/2/10  Milford
Started a beautiful winter day  at the  Audubon Coastal Center in Milford 
looking for the Snowy Owl. There  were 3 other women scouting for the owl 
too.  I couldn't spot it from  the tower,  and winds made it hard to steady the 
binos but I had nice  views of the Northern Harrier flying by.  So I went 
into the building and  there was a very nice guy there with a scope, just 
casually saying, Oh yes, I  have the Snowy owl in the scope.  Cool!  The Snowy 
owl was far out,  hunkered down against a log.  It blended in so well 
between the snow and  the log.  I watched it from about 10AM-10:15AM.   Thank you 
so  much to the gentleman with the scope!  On the Long Island sound side 
were  about 100 Black ducks,  and a raft of about 30 ducks farther  out I 
couldn't make out with just my binoculars.
Then I drove over to Mondo Ponds.  Relaxing walk around  the pond, with 
much less wind .  6 American Wigeons (3 M, 3 F), 
6 Hooded Mergansers (4 M, 2 F) about 34 Ring Necked ducks,  Mallards, 
Canada Geese, 8 white throated sparrows on the path, 1 White breasted  nuthatch, 
3 chickadees, 1 male Cardinal, 1 Blue jay.
Beverly Propen,  Orange

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