[CT Birds] Wilton; School Rd

Mike Warner mjwarner at optonline.net
Sat Jan 2 17:58:11 EST 2010

School Rd, Wilton
3:30 - 4:15 pm.

     The pond on the athletic field, with no ice, ~ 20 Canada geese, 4 Hooded Merganser and 4 Cedar Waxwing along the outlet brook to the river.
     Strong Comstock Community Center - Parking lot overlooking Cider Mill School - 6 American Crow, 10 American Robin,  1 Turkey Vulture, 2 Redtailed Hawk, 1 Gull sp., 1 Cooper's Hawk, 40 E. Starling, and one Great Blue Heron flying up the valley at a very low altitude and turning toward the pond.  Birded from within the car with binos, but heard sparrows in the thicket to the right.

Mike Warner

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