[CT Birds] 2 more cents in the Junco jar

Mntncougar at aol.com Mntncougar at aol.com
Sun Jan 3 14:59:51 EST 2010

I have been enjoying a large number of Juncos here, along with  everyone 
else, I guess.  However the difference from the 40 something in  bad weather 
last year to the 50 something this year does not really strike me as  a major 
difference.  In past years the size of the flock has generally  seemed to 
fluctuate over the course of the winter.
  However, as someone else has suggested also, I do think  they have been 
using my platform feeders somewhat more than in the past.   But the thing 
that really stands out is the fact that this year I am  consistently seeing the 
Juncos ON my nyjer tube feeders, as opposed to  underneath them.  One 
explanation is the fact that I have very few  Goldfinches this year, apparently 6 
or less on a regular basis (and thus far not  a Pine Siskin or Redpoll in 
sight).  The result is that they simply don't  knock as much seed out onto 
the ground for the Juncos.  Also, there is not  much jostling for position on 
the perches.  In any case the Juncos are  using the feeders on a regular 
basis, as opposed to hardly ever  before.
Clink, Clink, my 2 cents in the  jar.
Don Morgan

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