[CT Birds] E. Norwalk sightings, Westport CBC

Frank Mantlik mantlik at sbcglobal.net
Sun Jan 3 21:32:58 EST 2010

1/3 - In covering E. Norwalk for today's Westport CBC, Larry Flynn, Chris Bosak & I  had the following highlights: 3 lesser scaup, 2 ruddy duck,  pied-billed grebe,  black-crowned night-heron,  American kestrel,  American coot,  ruby-crowned kinglet, gray catbird,  American pipit, and  fox sparrow. 

On behalf of compiler Jim Hunter, the Count's 103 species (with 3 areas not yet accounted for, and with 7 count-week species) also included all 3 scoters, black vultures, 2 bald eagles, peregrine falcon, purple sandpiper, Bonaparte's, Iceland, and lesser black-backed gulls, common raven, 2 brown thrashers, and rusty blackbird.

Frank Mantlik

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