[CT Birds] Juncos eating Thistle and suet

Robert Maleski maleski at msn.com
Mon Jan 4 05:17:11 EST 2010

I have quite a few Juncos as well, and they are on the ground, the sunflower feeders, the thistle feeder, and the suet cakes [which happen to have insect suet].


I had five goldfinches yesterday and four of them were feeding on a seeding con flower which my wife planted, and not interested in what I had put out.  


I have a small winterberry bush near my feeders and some species over the past week or so picked that nearly clean as well.  I didn't see any birds eating it and I am surprised any bird ate them, particularly since I have holly berries that have not been touched.  Is it possible the berries just dropped off in the severe cold?

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