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I've been told the only way is to stop feeding the birds.  You eliminate an 
easy food source.  I know I've felt the same but then again many of the 
casualties around my feeders have been birds of great number - starlings, 
grackles, and Mourning doves.  I've born witness to a redtail catching a 
squirrel right off the tree it was climbing.  It is indeed the circle of 
life and I admire the maneuverability of the hawks to bring down prey.  They 
are quite amazing hunters.

Donna Lorello

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> I have many birds at multiple feeders, but one of the unfortunate 
> consequences is the hawk realizes there are a lot of concentrated food 
> sources here. I know it is part of the balance of nature, but watching him 
> take down a male cardinal is hard to watch, as I feel somewhat guilty for 
> attracting the birds into harms way. Is their any way to get rid of the 
> hawks that anyone knows of. I tend to doubt it but thought I'd ask. I 
> still have a pair of yb sapsuckers hanging around in Deep River.
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