[CT Birds] CBC count: brrrr...

sailcarm at aol.com sailcarm at aol.com
Mon Jan 4 19:37:07 EST 2010

1/4/10 - I still can't believe how cold I was during the CBC in which  I 
participated.  Long underwear, four layers on top, headband plus hat,  eyes 
tearing up, and still not prepared for the raw wind.
I'm sure you are all thinking-- Get real! What a wimp!  That is the  
reality of winter birding!
Well, the CBC that I did on Jan. 2 was in Sebastian, Florida!   Need I say 
Highlights for me were the 2 barred owls at daybreak, the Florida  scrub 
jays at a private residence where all we had to do was clap our hands  and 
they appeared, the royal terns, and all the white pelicans.
Happy New Year to all,
Carolyn Cimino
Waterford (and temporarily Vero Beach, Florida)

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