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Mon Jan 4 22:49:03 EST 2010

How unfortunate this winter has been so far when it comes to CBCounts. So many have been scheduled during some very cold, windy snowy days that create uncomfortable and difficult counting. I would like however, to relate a quick story of one very difficult count many years ago that went very well for me.

During a scheduled CBC for my Hartford Audubon club one winters day years ago, the day turned out to be an all out blizzard. I woke up early, had a hot nutritious breakfast and put on my cross country skis, skiing out from my house over to the West Hartford reservoirs for my count. The wind was fierce, the snow blinding but I pursued. After traveling several lonely miles into the wilds of the reservoir, i netted few birds, but the challenge was there and I was up to it. Several hours into my trip, I stopped by some spruce trees to rest, when up above me I believe I heard a BOREAL CHICKADEE! Looking up I spotted two BC Chicks. Oh well, guess it was the winds fault. As I got up and proceeded to push on, in front of me flies a chickadee across the road. It was to windy to use my bins, so I skied over to it and behold - at eye level just 3 feet away, 

Upon arriving home after 7 hrs of cold snowy skiing, I was told the count was postponed till next day! Fortunately the Boreal Chickadee was counted as a count week bird, making the wrong day one of much pleasure and pride for me.

Paul Carrier

"You must have the bird in the heart,
before you can find it in the bush"  ........ John Burroughs

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