[CT Birds] Southport Survey #210

Dennis Varza dennisvz at optonline.net
Tue Jan 5 12:49:43 EST 2010

Southport Survey # 210
The sky was partly cloudy, the water calm, and Sunken Island was  
exposed. Few birds were around off shore, most of them were around  
the island, the Black Ducks, Goleneye and lots of gulls.

There was a hunter at Southport beach so most of the puddle ducks  
were working in the rocks off Pine Creek Beach and the mouth of  
Southport Harbor. Again there were plenty of Gulls. I expect the cold  
weather pushed many gulls from the inland area.

The golf course ponds were frozen along with most of the Harbor. At  
the upper end of the harbor were all the geese, more Mallards and a  
few Hoodies. While counting the Hooded Mergansers, all of a sudden  
there were two biguns (Commons) at the end of the line. At Southport  
Beach the shorebirds continued.

Rocks and spine exposed, water calm. Sky partly cloudy, northwest  
breeze. Golf Course Ponds frozen and Southport Harbor partly frozen.  
A hunter was at Southport Beach.
Site A: 7:45 -8:40 Sunken Island and Pine Creak Beach. Site B:  
8:50-9:20. Sasco Beach, Southport Harbor and Southport Beach

DATE	12/13	12/19	12/24	1/5
Tide	High	Rising	Falling	Low
Time	7:35	7:40	7:35	7:45

Brant	0_0_65_5
Canada Goose	554_166_470_440
Mute Swan	6_6_6_4
Gadwall	0_0_3_6
American Wigeon	0_0_5_0
American Black Duck	38_18_28_16
Mallard	56_27_46_30
Greater Scaup	0_4_1_0
White-winged Scoter	4_10_1_0
Long-tailed Duck	24_10_56_2
Bufflehead	14_56_36_0
Common Goldeneye	0_3_12_16
Hooded Merganser	17_84_26_28
Common Merganser	0_0_0_2
Red-breasted Merganser	10_26_19_8
Common Loon	6_5_3_1
Red-throated Loon	7_3_2_1
Horned Grebe	7_1_9_1
Great Cormorant	5_4_2_0
Great Blue Heron   	2_2_0_1
American Coot	1_0_1_0
Black-bellied Plover	0_0_13_4
Ruddy Turnstone	0_0_66_62
Dunlin 	0_0_58_44
Ring-billed Gull Ad.	84_50_79_44
Ring-billed Gull Im.	3_0_1_0
Herring Gull Ad.   	102_65_55	303
Herring Gull Im.    	5_5_3_14
Great Black-backed Gull Ad.	4_2_5_4
Great Black-backed Gull Im.	0_1_0_0

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