[CT Birds] Edgewood Park

Nick Bonomo nbonomo at gmail.com
Tue Jan 5 17:58:42 EST 2010

Hi Carl,

Sure thing. I can get more specific. I think the only thing I left out
of my post is that I saw them NORTH of Edgewood Avenue (which runs
through the park in an east-west manner.) I'm going to post this to
the whole list in case anyone else is interested.

Here's what I would do. Open this map and follow along:

Park near the corner of Edgewood Ave and Yale Ave (you can park for
free on Edgewood itself). Take the trailhead on the north side of
Edgewood, right near the map icon for Fitness Course "C". This puts
you on the white trail heading north, west of the river. As you're
walking along, you will pass quite a bit of nice Rusty habitat on your
right in the form of wet, swampy thickets. If no joy yet, take the
blue trail east when you reach that intersection. Continue east across
the river and then turn back north (left) along the white trail.
You'll pass more good habitat on your right, which looks on the map
like it was the southern end of Lily Pond (where I first saw the
Rusties in a pure flock and counted 43). They also fed on the left
side of the this trail on the grass and perched in the trees when
flushed by dogs.

Seems like a nice one-stop blackbird shop for those doing a Big
January...at least in the evening when more birds come in to roost.

Let me know if you have any more questions, or if any of the above
doesn't make sense.


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