[CT Birds] Cooper's hawk ID? & other stuff

katz1449 at aol.com katz1449 at aol.com
Tue Jan 5 18:24:25 EST 2010

1/5  So I think I have a photo of a Cooper's Hawk on my  morning 
(9:30AM)walk in Orange.  According to descriptors that Jim Z. and  Brian W. sent me 
comparing Cooper's and Sharpies, I am venturing to ID this as a  Cooper's.  If 
not, tell me I am wrong, please.  Also on my morning  walk by my neighbor, 
I didn't see a Northern Goshawk, but I will check again  tomorrow and next 
Also in the front yard in my Crabapple tree and on the ground  under it were
about 40 robins devouring the apples.  Last year for the  CBC that 
crabapple tree was bare.  Two years ago  it was chock full of  apples around this 
season too.  No cedar waxwings though.  A Northern  Flicker has been hammering 
away into the ground and must be getting some good  stuff.  Even in the 
deep snow, I watched as snow flew everywhere as it  hammered into the ground.
One other aside....I enjoy reading each person's stories and  anecdotes 
about their birding adventures.  Would it be a bestseller if  everyone here 
contributed some of their best birding stories and  publish a book?!
Beverly Propen, Orange

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