[CT Birds] Stratford birding, 1/6

Brian Webster b.webster at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 6 11:17:49 EST 2010



Long Beach, Stratford (dawn-8:45a)-


(1) Orange-crowned Warbler (in thickets/brush between twin cedars and cottages)

(3, then 2) Lapland Longspurs

(1) Merlin (who ate said Longspur!!)

(1) Am. Pipit

(1) Carolina Wren

(1) Catbird (about halfway down in the cottages in thickets on the LIS side)

(+/- 100) Common Goldeneye

(+/- 150) Brant

(1) adult Iceland gull



I was watching a single Longspur, when in the corner of my eye I see a small falcon coming towards me from over the marsh.  It was a gorgeous Merlin, who immediately spooked the Longspur I was watching, and 2 more I didn't see.  The Merlin snagged one of the Longspurs, and brought it to one of those 1-2' tall, 4x4" wooden posts on the marsh side and commenced eating.


Very, very cool stuff.  Too bad it was such a cool bird that got eaten, instead of one of the Starlings that hang out in/near the cottages.



The adult Iceland was roosting on the beach with common gulls on the east side of a jetty....  if you start counting from the very first jetty at the end of the parking lot, it was the 4th jetty.



Johnson Creek, Stratford/Bridgeport line (9:00-9:15a)-


(1) 'western' Willet

(1) Great-blue Heron (juv.)

(1) Black-crowned Night-heron (juv.)

(3) Am. Wigeon

(15+) Hooded mergs

(3) Horned Larks (in the psuedo-parking lot)


Both herons were sleeping in the small trees/bushes up against the I-95 off-ramp, near the 'wrong way' sign.  The Willet was riiiiiight there when I arrived, foraged a bit, then flew south down the creek to a seperate group of birds which were mostly gulls and 2 Mute swans.



Frash Pond, Stratford (9:20-9:25a)-


(22) Canvasback

(11) Hooded mergs

(3) Bufflehead



Birdseye Boat-ramp (9:30a)-


(7) American Coot

(1) Northern Pintail (female, in with mallards in the chanel south of the parking lot (looking at the water, on the right)



Raven Brook Pond/Park, Stratford (10:00a)-


(2) Northern Pintails (both female)

(1) Wood duck (male)



Stratford yard (10:30a)-


(1) YB Sapsucker on wood edges





I saw a lot of Fish Crows around today, more than usual.  Hunters kept waterfowl numbers low at Long Beach. 



Brian Webster

Stratford, CT

b.webster at hotmail.com

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