[CT Birds] 11 Sparrow day - Southbury

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Thu Jan 7 14:30:37 EST 2010

Today proved to be a very unusual day for me while out birding in the Southbury area. I started the day at Cassidy Road, where I found SONG, WHITE-THROATED and WHITE-CROWNED Sparrows. I proceeded to River Road near Purchase Brook Road, where, with Neil Curry and Tom Hook, I found  2 AMERICAN TREE,  1 CHIPPING,  1 CLAY-COLORED,  1 FIELD,  1 VESPER,  5 SAVANNAH SPARROWS and  40 DARK-EYED JUNCO, in addition to the White-Throated, White-Crowned and Song Sparrows there too. I then went to Bent-of-the River, where I also found 1 FOX SPARROW, in addition to others, already mentioned. 

Other birds of interest for the day were a Light-phase Rough-legged Hawk at Cassidy Road, 1 Merlin,1 Bald Eagle , 1 American Coot and 1 Common Merganser at River Road, and a Hermit Thrush at Bent.

For the day, including the Junco, were found 11 Sparrow species. Not to bad a morning.

Bill Banks

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