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Hi Don and all,
You probably know this but the RIBirds web site has photos and info on  
birds seen there.  Check the link below for a photo of the Barrow's  Goldeneye 
at Trustom Pond yesterday, etc.  The listings below are from the  RIBirds 
report that I get daily.  If anyone is interested in receiving  this, let me 
know and I can get you the info. 
Gina Nichol
_www.sunrisebirding.com_ (http://www.sunrisebirding.com) 
>From Paul L'Etoile, 1/7:
This morning on Trustom Pond, one  adult BALD EAGLE and the Barrow's 
Goldeneye and Tundra Swan continue.   Along Card's Pond Road, a White-crowned 
Sparrow.  At Ninigret NWR, the  Lesser Black-backed Gull continues.  I posted a 
few photos here:
_http://ribird.org/birds_2010_ (http://ribird.org/birds_2010) 
>From Barbara Sherman, 1/7:  
With Wayne Munns at 12:30 PM at the Narrow River  Fishing Area at the end 
of Pollock Ave in South Kingstown: 1 drake EURASIAN  WIGEON amongst American 
Wigeon, as well as Hooded Mergansers, Gadwall,  Buffleheads, Mallards, A
merican Black Ducks, Mute Swans and Canada  Geese.

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Mntncougar at aol.com writes:

Took a  ride to the south shore of RI today, stopping at various  shoreline 
overlooks from Weekapaug to Point Judith.  Nothing unsual for   varieties, 
but I saw more Common Eider today than I have before in all  my  life.  I 
hundreds, I'm sure there are thousands, spread  out along the  coast in 
conceivable location.  They are  off the shoreline as far out  as a scope 
see, Pt Judith was  surrounded by them.  The breachways had  flocks working 
the  incoming tide between the jetties.  The harbor at  Gallilee had  
spread over  the entire inlet and pond.  Flocks   were hanging around the 
fishing boat docks just like a bunch of  gulls.   (The gulls looked rather 

Quonnie  Beach, 1 Sharp-shinned Hawk, 2 Horned Grebes (only ones  I saw all 
Charlestown Breachway: 2 Northern Harriers, 1 Rough-legged   Hawk

I saw far fewer grebes and Common Loons than I did last year  in  the area, 
and not a single Red-throated loon.  No  Short-eared Owls that I  know of 
have been reported in RI yet this  year.  There was at least one  Harrier 
just about every  location I stopped except Pt  Jude.

Don Morgan
Coventry   (CT)

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