[CT Birds] interesting rail story from RI

Glenn Williams gswilliams9 at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 8 10:15:45 EST 2010

This was posted on RI Birds the other day.  Good story.

Glenn Williams
Mystic, CT

Thanks to Judy McGuire, a licensed rehabber, for the following story:
Happily, we have an uplifting bird story for this winter season.  A Virginia Rail from a Miami tree farm was sent to Lowe’s in Warwick wrapped in greens that had been cut, wrapped  with netting and packed into a truck which left Florida Dec. 11th,. The truck arrived at Lowe’s, Warwick, RI on the 16th.  After flying around Lowe’s for a week, he was finally caught on the 24th.  The rescuers called a rehabber stating they had a KIWI bird at the store.  The bird thrived as it was fed, rehydrated and provided a warm environment with a rehabber.  Once the Rail was declared fit to go, we secured proper federal paperwork and sought out a rehabilitator in Florida to receive the “traveling bird.  The Rail left early Saturday morning Jan 2nd in a snow storm by car.  The Virginia Rail was safely on his way home to sunny Florida. Fortunately, we found “human snow birds” who were heading that way.  There was an army of caring wildlife folks there in the
 snow storm to send him off and wishing him well.   Yes, “A real Snow Bird story.”   The Virginia Rail with its “human snow birds,” arrived in the Melbourne area late Sunday afternoon at the Palm Shores Wildlife Rehab Hospital.  The Rail is in great health and ready for release. How does one caution a Virginia Rail to stay out of strange trucks?   Sue, at the Wildlife Hospital Center, stated that the Rail is doing fine and will be released with another Rail tomorrow.


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