[CT Birds] Birds in yard and surrounding areas

lisagagnon37 at yahoo.com lisagagnon37 at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 8 16:49:43 EST 2010

>From Lisa gagnon 1-8-10. Yard birds 1 song sparrow, 1 fox sparrow, juncos titmice chicadees wb nuthatches, blue jays robins (2). Slow around the feeders today. Driving around these birds were in numerous numbers, mallard ducks m&f, crows house sparrows juncos titmice chicadees downy woodpeckes red bellied woodpeckers blue jays numerous groups of robins @ least a total of 100. Ring billed seagulls. Small groups of Wt sparrows, cedar waxwings, cardinals 4 m&2f. Wb nuthatches,  pigeons, starlings,. 3 unidentified hawks, 1 was smaller sitting on a wire over the road near a lake. 1 was a larger 1 that flew over a field and was then mobbed by 4 crows(reminded me of a harrier),and 1 smaller that flew over my head on walking trail in neighborhood, also I only saw 2 mourning doves. Lisa. 
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