[CT Birds] watch where you use binoculars

hopkinsus at cs.com hopkinsus at cs.com
Sat Jan 9 13:56:30 EST 2010

I was in the Ukraine on a research trip in 1993.  Since I always take 
binoculars with me everywhere, regardless of occasion, I took them with me, but 
anticipated that there could be problems.  I also brought a book of European 
birds with me (there was no Russian field guide at the time).  I was staying 
at army barracks outside of Chernobyl, and went out one day to look at 
birds.  Within minutes there were several soldiers around me demanding to know 
what I was doing.  Fortunately I had memorized "looking at birds" in Russian 
before I left, and held up the book.  The soliders were beside themselves at 
the concept that a person would want to look at birds, but got very excited 
at the idea, especially when I pointed out "their" birds in the field guide 
(they had never seen a field guide before).

So always be aware of where you point your binoculars!

Amy Hopkins

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