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Found this interesting as well.

Safe birding!

Alex Burdo

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> Hi Folks,
> I'll post the results of today's beautiful (but cold) Allens Pond  
> walk in a separate e-mail. What I'd like to do now is pass on a few  
> instances when I could easily have been cuffed and dragged away to  
> prison for birding:
> West end of Provincetown... The breakwater there is surrounded by  
> several miles of mudflat and can be great for shorebirds. I've had  
> Avoset there as well as as many as a dozen Baird's Sandpipers...  
> Franklin"s Gull... It can be great. Unfortunately it's also a  
> regular access route for sun worshipers... of the less clothed ilk.  
> So you can imagine me out there with a scope, binoculars, and camera  
> looking at a distant flock of terns, plovers, peeps, etc. and people  
> (also off in the same distance) walking along... in the buff...  
> Perhaps I'll think twice about this situation next time... but I  
> probably won't since I only look at birds.
> The same thing has happened during research projects with which I  
> have been involved, many of which have taken place on Defense or  
> Dpt. of Energy facilities. Again, F-16s on the runway... here I am,  
> wandering about the fields, censusing birds in restricted areas  
> (where I had permission to go but the security forces didn't know).  
> I have had M60s pointed my way and have been lit up by patrol  
> helicopters interested in who I was and what I was doing. I have  
> heard of birders losing all of their equipment after being found  
> looking into facilities that are high security.
> Here's my favorite... Gunnison Beach, Sandy Hook, NJ... About the  
> largest nude beach on the east coast. I was a Piping Plover  
> technician (this was about 20 years ago). Here I am, getting out of  
> a federal vehicle, scope and binoculars, gazing down the beach at  
> plovers (really!) seeing if the chicks (young birds) got to the  
> wrack line (upper part of the intertidal zone)... since it's vital  
> for chicks to do so.
> Tak a look at the CT list for another birder's experience with the  
> law.
> I'd be interested in experiences of others.
> Best
> Paul
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