[CT Birds] Birds and cops

MHMooreP at aol.com MHMooreP at aol.com
Sat Jan 9 14:49:42 EST 2010

If you are not yet bored with cop/birding stories, here's another. I was 
working in Hartford several years ago, and had just bought a new scope from 
Jim Zipp. I was telling a coworker and fellow birder about it, and he asked to 
see it. We went to the upper floor of the garage where I was parked, took 
the scope out of the trunk and set it up to view ducks on the Connecticut 
River. After a few minutes two police cars came at us from opposite directions 
and screeched to a stop, hemming us in. Exiting their cars with hands on 
holsters, they ordered us to step back from the "apparatus." We explained that 
we were trying out a new birding scope and they quickly relaxed. They told 
us that someone from a nearby building had reported two guys on the garage 
roof with a ground-to-air missile. (There is heavy aircraft traffic in the 
area.) With the issue resolved we and the cops spent several minutes spotting 
and identifying ducks and gulls. Everyone enjoyed the new scope.
Marty Moore

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