[CT Birds] Run-ins with the law

sunrisebirding at aol.com sunrisebirding at aol.com
Sat Jan 9 15:56:53 EST 2010

Can't resist this - there are so many stories about birders and the law . . 
In 2002, around the time of the sniper attacks, I was carrying my scope on  
the path at Willard's Island at Hammonasset.  A woman walking out looked at 
 me suspiciously.  As she passed, I smiled and she said, "I thought you  
were the sniper!"  
Now, whenever I'm birding and see anyone that looks perplexed, I say, "Just 
 looking at birds" and smile.  This has actually worked several times, most 
 notably with the police and army in Colombia (not CT, South America!)  
Miro  pájaros!
Gina Nichol
Branford, CT

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