[CT Birds] Police at Bradley Field

Judith E. Stevens judithestevens at charter.net
Sat Jan 9 23:20:06 EST 2010

My grandson has been interested in planes since he was a baby.
For years I drove him to Bradley to photograph take offs and landings
and we drove from one end of the airport to another on weekends with
his print out schedule of the particular planes he wished to photograph.

One Sunday, I was in our usual landing spot (the legal one) and he discovered
the winds had changed and he wanted to photograph a plane that he knew was
going to have one of the painted designs on it.  Can't remember the airline.
The plane was due to land in about ten minutes and I quickly (illegally) drove
him to the north end of the runway and stopped and let him out of the car with
his camera which was a huge, bulky item and obviously drew the attention of the
tower officials.  Within what seemed like seconds, police were arriving from both
directions.  I had backed into a space and was awaiting his "shots" and saw the
police as did he; and he ran to the car.  I got out, wearing my binoculars, and
explained that I had seen a rare bird and wanted him to photograph it.   They
didn't believe me, but they did ask him to show them the photo and he quickly
pushed buttons and returned to a shot of a Savannah sparrow that he had photographed
for me.  PHEW! "MOVE ON LADY' was their order and they followed me all the way back to
the legal parking lot.

I received an email from my grandson the next day and he said his "peers" at Forman School
thought I was SO COOL.  Little did they know that I was scared out of my mind.  I think he was too.

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