[CT Birds] Birding and Police, a different take

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I was waiting for this to die off, but I actually agree with Mark here.  In this day, we can not be suprised when alarms are raised, and I'd much rather have th police on the ball then not looking into something.



Last Christmas Eve I was birding Great Meadows, 2 Stratford cops pulled up and ran my tags and ID because there were hunters where they shouldn't have been.  They saw my binocs and guides and truck filled with like materials, radioed in that I was just watching birds, then went back to business.  


About 2 minutes later, the cop was on the loudspeaker calling out two bow hunters hiding, waist-deep, in the marsh grasses behind the 'trail pond'.  The police thought I was their ride out.  In that specific situation, I am very glad they followed up.  What if a Shoveler was in the pond?  Or a Eurasian Wigeon in the gut?



They are only doing their jobs.  Which can not be easy, especially when so many of the population disgregards them and are uncoorperative.  I know I am not the only one whos taken 'a few more steps' on the grass, or 'just a little closer' to the property....



Brian Webster

Stratford, CT

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> Subject: [CT Birds] Birding and Police, a different take
> Having the distinction of being a birder who was arrested for criminal 
> trespass on my very first visit to the "old" Milford Point ( all charges 
> dropped and the complaintant warned to stop harassing birders), I want to 
> say that in subsequent encounters with police I have had nothing but 
> respectful questions and then warm interest in what this birding thing was 
> all about.
> This may be an unpopular view, but while out at all hours of the night 
> owling in some rather remote and sometimes unsavory environments, I have 
> regarded their concern as a comfort. I always thank them for checking on me 
> for if I was indeed in need of assistance, I was glad to know they were 
> around.
> Mark
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