[CT Birds] B/A

lpflynn at optonline.net lpflynn at optonline.net
Sun Jan 10 12:32:14 EST 2010

I am hoping that this post might end the discussion on the "birder arrest"
First, thanks for the support of those that emailed  or called me, it's great to have friends that care.
Second, I had a good laugh at some of the incidents other birders reported (ground to air missiles)
Third, a police officer friend of mine wrote me and mentioned some of the crazy/wacko reports that they have to put up with. (see ground to air missiles)
Forth, before doing Nightbird Surveys for the DEP, I always call the Police Depts in the towns I will be in and advise them as to where I will be and so on. They are always very accommodating.
Last, I had no issue what so ever with the ENCON officer at SISP, he was a great guy, and was simply doing his job, in fact I mentioned we shared a few laughs afterwards.
The issue was in being wrongly accused of "stalking," by a pedestrian (not the police) something that is such a despicable act it still makes my stomach turn. 
Let me be accused of trespassing, or being a terrorist with a RPG, but not a stalker or peeper as in the Mass. incident.
Can we go back to birds now?

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