[CT Birds] A Naturalist

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I was picking up snakes and bugs as soon as I could walk and forget playing 
"House" and with Barbie dolls... loved my dinosaurs at age 5 and on... I 
deeply blame Godzilla for sparking my interest in biology and as a child I 
wanted to be a paleontologist - I started photographing natural things with 
an old Kodak instamatic camera - and I was in hog heaven when I got my first 

I keep hearing folks call themselves 'naturalists' and wondered how one 
garners such a title... hence my question... so, do I qualify as a 
'naturalist' with all the background I do have and ever adding to?

but ok, back to birds...


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> To piggy-back on Donna's recent post:
> I have been interested in nature as far back as 4th grade - no idea why - 
> my mother never took a high school science course and my father failed 
> high school bio twice....
> But while being a Boy Scout, a Biology major, or a CT teacher certified in 
> bio, chem, physics, earth/space sci, and general sci- I have  been 
> interested in nature whether it was tree/plant id, mineral/rock/fossil 
> collecting, photographing plants/animals, birding, etc.
> As I tell my students, Science is my hobby and I am a Science nerd/geek.
> Marty in Woodbury
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