[CT Birds] Hummingbirds on "Nature" tonight

Brian Webster b.webster at hotmail.com
Tue Jan 12 08:28:42 EST 2010

I wanted to thank Bill for mentioning the Hummer show on 'Nature'.  I missed it that night, but WLIW World (channel 132 on iO) replayed it last night.


Anyone who has any interest in hummers needs to see that program.  You know how amazing it is to watch the Ruby-throats dogfight in the yard??  I know I do.  The program had unreal high-speed video of different species in territorial disputes, an Anna's dive (succesfully solving the riddle of the 'chip' at the bottom of the dive as it's tail feathers), hummers feeding on insects, and rare video of displaying Spatuletail.  One of my personal favorites was the species who lived at climes of 12,000'+ and, to conserve energy in the thin air, evolved to become ground feeding hummers that 'hop' from ground flower to ground flower.


It blows my mind to think that Darwin theorized things in the 1800s that wee eventually proved true.  One instance was shown on the program, in the difference between bill shapes in a single hummer species.  Darwin theorized that these bills were different due to different main food sources.  Turns out, he was 100% correct....  obviously not the first time!!



I also watched a program that came on after called 'Rare Bird'...  all about the conservation efforts of Bermuda's outer islands to bring the Bermuda Petrel back from 'extinction'.  A several decade long quest to bring back a bird thought to be extint since the mid 1600s.  (AKA the Cahow).




Both programs are well worth the watch.  (as well as last week's 'Nature' on Arctic wildlife.... great footage of Gyrs and Snowys rearing chicks and hunting, Arctic foxes, wolves, Musk ox.  It's basic premise is the lemmings effect on the arctic summer's ecosystem.)




To be honest, I was amazed at the footage of the hummers.  Though, like a previous posted mentioned, it was tough IDing those guys!!  I saw Magnificent, Rufous, Black-chined, Anna's, Ruby-throated, and I think Berryline...  other than that, who knows!




A must see, indeed.  I used to think that the Raptor episode was the best (still amazing)....  a new front runner has taken the lead!




Brian Webster

Stratford, CT

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> I think the PBS special on the Magic of Hummingbirds is on at 8:00 PM on Nature.
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