[CT Birds] Bald Eagles

Jan Collins jgcollins at cox.net
Tue Jan 12 09:24:46 EST 2010

Had some good Bald Eagle sitings the past couple days:   2 Immatures soaring 
over the CT river at Kings Island Boat Launch in Enfield on 1/9 during the 
Eagle count survey, and yesterday an adult pair in the trees north of the 
Hartford landfill and 2 immatures over the Windsor landfill.  Also had 1 
GLAUCOUS GULL at Windsor landfill and stopped by the WMA on Woodland St in 
Bloomfield and possibly had the Dickcissel.  It fit the description but I 
have only seen a male in breeding plumage before so not positive.  Several 
song, 2 savannah, and 1 white-throated sparrow as well.

Jan in Somers 

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