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To follow up on Brian Webster's post on great bird films, I'd like to  
mention Michael Male (originally from North Haven, CT) and Judy  
Feith's DVD's on warblers and sparrows.

The cinematography and sound is spectacular.  The basic format for  
all of their "family" films consists of an overview of each species  
breeding habitat, spring-plumaged males exploding into song, and in  
most cases, young in the nest.  All of this is interspersed with  
insightfully written details of courtship, nesting, feeding and  
biological adaptation, as well as range and migration maps based on  
NASA satellite imagery.  The highly satisfying format lends itself to  
repeated viewing.

First came Watching Warblers which covers all of the eastern wood  
warblers.  This was followed by Watching Sparrows which explores the  
lives of 46 species of sparrows, towhees, juncos, and longspurs.   
Their latest is the just-released Watching Western Warblers, which  
continues the couple's tradition of excellence.

Both The Audubon Shop and The Fat Robin carry the DVD's.  To get more  
of a "taste" of the films, go to http://www.birdfilms.com/index.html


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