[CT Birds] Farmington Harlequin

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Tue Jan 12 19:38:30 EST 2010

I arrived around  9:45 this morning and found 3 people  already on the bird 
so I didn't have to hunt (thanks Roy, Greg,  Neil).   Bird is very active, 
preening, diving and just swimming up  and down the river behind the 
cemetery.  Very cooperatively, it seems to  confine itself to that stretch of 
river.  I birded in that area all day,  and stopped back several times.  I was 
able to find the bird each time, and  when I finally left around 3:20 pm it 
was still there.  At one point, as I  walked up to the river bank, an immature 
Bald Eagle swooped out of a tree right  in front of me and made a pass at 
the Harlequin and 3 F Hooded Mergs it was with  - fortunately he missed.  I 
checked out the Farmington Meadows without much  success, except there was a 
lone Ruddy duck in the river by the community  gardens, and a Belted 
Kingfisher in the same spot..  As I drove back up  Meadow Rd I spotted 2 Bald 
Eagles, 1 adult and 1 immature, flying directly  over the road.  There were also 
(at least) 4 Ring-necked Ducks (3 M 1  F) and 1 F Greater Scaup together.  I 
flushed a group of 4 Wood  Ducks from the river right in front of me at one 
point.  There were also  Common and Hooded Mergs in the river, Black Ducks, 
Mallards, and of course, C.  Geese.  Nice place to bird and nice bird to 
Link to some bad record shots of the Ring-necks, Scaup, and  Harlequin:
Don Morgan

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