[CT Birds] Goldeneye help

DEIRDRE MURTHA sdmurtha at sbcglobal.net
Wed Jan 13 14:36:55 EST 2010

I'm reluctant to report this as a female Barrow's because I didn't realize it may have been till after the fact. While sketching Goldeneye through a scope during my lunchbreak today at Tod's Point, Greenwich, I was focusing on variations in female plumage.  The most unusual had a completely yellow-orange bill and its head seemed less angular than the others--more rounded at the back edge. Foolishly I didn't check the field-guide till I was at a traffic light headed back for work, and it appeared to me to be a dead-ringer for the female Barrow's as illustrated in Sibley.  If anyone is in the area it would be worth checking.  The spot is a regular one for Goldeneye, south/southeast of Eagle Pond, where the road makes a sharp left turn away from the shoreline.  The flock numbered about 60 birds, about 100 yards offshore, and had bufflehead, red-breasted mergansers and a horned grebe mixed in.I would love to have this verified, it would be a lifer for
 me!-Sean Murtha

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