[CT Birds] Housatonic River

Dennis Varza dennisvz at optonline.net
Wed Jan 13 15:58:12 EST 2010

Hi Folks

During the deepest part of the winter I try to make a survey of the  
Housatonic River From Stevenson Dam to the end of Ice to get an idea  
of abundance and distribution. Considering the cold weather of the  
past several weeks I figured this may it. However the amount of Ice  
on the river was not that great compared to other winters. Still, we  
could get another big freeze in February and I'll do another one

Dennis Varza

The Housatonic River was free of Ice from Stevenson Dam through  
Oxford. In Seymour, the river was mostly frozen with open patches,  
while in Derby it was completely frozen except for the area of the  
Derby Dam. The River became mostly frozen again through downtown  
Shelton to the Merritt Parkway Bridge. Below bridge the water is open.

Housatonic River
 From Stevenson Dam to Seymour/ Indian Well St. Pk.
Derby Dam to Naugatuck River
Lower Shelton and Upper Stratford to the Merritt Parkway

Canada Goose	147	-	-	
Mute Swan	4	-	-
American Black Duck	32	-	-
Mallard	12	55	-
Ring-necked Duck	32	-	-
Common Merganser	212	63	67
Bald Eagle	3	-	1
Great Cormorant	-	1	-
Ring-billed Gull	95	109	14
Herring Gull	24	16	38
Great Black-backed Gull	3	4	-

Stratford, Frash Pond
Canada Goose	44
Mute Swan	2
American Black Duck	34
Canvasback	21
Bufflehead	6
Hooded Merganser	6

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