[CT Birds] Fox Sparrows

John Pfitzner jkat61 at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 13 22:23:26 EST 2010

1.13.10 Clinton backyard


Three Fox Sparrows. 

There have been two Fox Sparrows feeding in the yard

for five day's now and today I saw three within a 8 ft radius.

also lots's of white throated and other Sparrow's I have not

tried to ID ( must be 75 + at least ) also on a daily basis


Pair of Carolina Wrens ( year long residents,roost every night in boot hanging in screen porch )

20+ goldfinch

15+ cardinal

10+ junco

 5+ titmouse,chickadee

 2   wb nuthatch

 5   downy wp

 2   red headed wp

1-2 northern flicker

10+ dove ( amazed there are still that many after all the hawks got )

 7+ am crow

 5+ blue jay


coopers hawks and sharpies are always here at some point daily

I have so many pic's of them, I do not bother anymore. sometimes

two or three at the same time perched around the yard. per year

based on observation and finding the feather piles in the yard, the

hawks take at least 50-75 birds. excluding the one's that they carry

out of the yard, as well as chipmunks,mice and mole'


yesterday an adult coopers hawk was perched in a tree in the yard, with 5-7

crow around, no mobbing. I threw out some leftover rice for the crows

(rice had a red color) and when I looked out again the hawk was on the ground

( snow covered ) eating the rice with the crows. the crows were 2 ft away from

the hawk. the crows and hawk never even looked at each other, not a peep from any

of them.there were many prey items available for the hawk, all the bird's and squirrels.

a very young and small squirrel ran right in front of the hawk and the hawk just lifted

it's head for a sec and resumed eating the rice ??????????????? the hawk is at least twice the

size of the crows and the squirrel was 5 ft away, right in front of it.  ????????????


 3+ years flying squirrels continue. oct-nov disappear. peak activity mid june, 4-6 flying squirrels


I have a network camera ( not a webcam ) which is set up now in front of a window feeder.

in the spring and summer it will be outside right in front of the platform feeder on the tree

where the flying squirrels feed. usually it is on 24/7, sometimes at different vantage points.


no username and password needed and it is a live real time streaming video feed. when first

accessed you may be prompted to download active x control from panasonic corp (camera maker )

takes 2 sec. on network camera page select single in the top tab. 




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