[CT Birds] Mystic birds and smoking vulture brains

mjdoherty15 at comcast.net mjdoherty15 at comcast.net
Thu Jan 14 19:16:34 EST 2010

West side of Enders Island: common eider, red-breasted mergansers, hooded mergansers, loons, grebe (horned?), plus song sparrows in the bushes. Also, about 30 seals up on the rocks to the West - more seal than rock! 

Also saw what must have been a river otter swimming close to Enders Island rocks. It then came up onto a rock so could be seen clearly. Is this unusual? 

Mystic River at I95 overpass: Canada geese, mallard, various mergansers and a kingfisher feeding from one of the bridge abutments. 

Given the recent postings about vultures, the extracts below from an article in the Jan 8 2010 issue of The Guardian Weekly newspaper (UK) about a bizarre threat to vultures in Africa may be of interest.  

"Vulture's acute vision, and ability to find prey, has kindled a belief that they possess clairvoyant powers. Their brains are dried and rolled into a cigarette or inhaled as vapours in the hope that they will bring visions of the future - including lottery numbers and sports results". 

"The birds are shot, trapped or poisoned by hunters. One tactic is to poison an animal so that the vultures feeding on the carcass themselves fall victim. You can have 300 or 400 converge on a poisoned carcass and all be wiped out". 

Is this an other example of the wisdom of traditional/ethnic/natural remedies? 

It is surely unlikely catch on in Connecticut, despite the number of casino gamblers here. Let's hope they have more sense. T here is no evidence that vulture brain contains a powerfully addictive drug (unlike tobacco).  

Would smoking vulture brains be better or worse for human health than smoking tobacco? It is certainly bad for vulture health. 


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