[CT Birds] King Eider question(s)

Tom de Boor tomdb2 at aol.com
Fri Jan 15 13:54:37 EST 2010

It's interesting to me that this bird seems to be located exactly in the
same place that the immature male King Eider was located this summer (i.e.
at the end of the Moraine Trail at Hammonasset).  Would this likely mean
it's the same bird, or do King Eiders routinely turn up at this particular
spot (and if so, do they just always seem to find it on their own, or is
there some communication between generations involved)?  If it *is* likely
the same bird, is there some known reason (disease?) that could have
prevented it from starting to change into second winter plumage, which looks
a lot more like the full adult drake (I assume the bird this summer was
first seen earlier than it could possibly have arrived fresh out of a nest)?

Tom de Boor
Branford, CT

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