[CT Birds] Harlequin duck in Farmington River

Ann spoonbill at optonline.net
Fri Jan 15 18:07:45 EST 2010

Farmington: 1/15/10- Grist Mill Restaurant, Garden St.,  in river below the
rapids, harlequin duck from 1:30-3:30 p.m. observed by Ann Orsillo and
Susanne Ainsworth. We had just finished setting up the scope when a female
common merganser flew in from downstream. A minute later the harlequin duck
flew in right next to the merganser. The merganser flew off and the
harlequin soon followed.  Birders from the New Haven bird club came along
just after it flew up the river.  We all drove up to the Riverside Cemetary
but could not relocate the harlequin. We observed bluebirds, goldfinches,
mockingbird, white breasted nuthatches, juncos, red bellied and downy
woodpeckers and a red tail hawk. The ducks were the same species reported on
ct birds this morning. We went back to the Grist Mill and found the
harlequin again in its favorite spot below the  rapids.   The New Haven
birders had observed it at the Grist Mill as well.

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